Home Packs for Residential Customers

We've all felt the disappointment of traveling to our local supermarket to find our much needed items out of the stock, the shelves bereft of supply and the aisles awash with equally disappointed members of the public going through the same ordeal. This experience is overshadowed only by the plethora of Covid19 notices reminding customers of ongoing supply issues and stock limitations.

We know how you feel... that is why we've taken it upon ourselves to stock up on household necessities and pre-pack them for convenience.

Our packs are available in three configurations; Dry, Frozen and Chilled.

We'll also throw in a free 1kg bag of Smarties for the kids (and big kids).

Pack 1 - Dry ($100 ea)

  • 6x Toilet Rolls

  • 3x Tuna 425g

  • 5kg Pasta

  • 3x 700g Passata

  • 4x 1LT Milk

  • 1kg Hot Choc.

  • 2x 1kg Quinoa

  • 1x 500g Salt

Pack 2 - Frozen ($110 ea)

  • 3x 10" Margarita Pizza

  • 2kg Chicken Nuggets

  • 1kg Tortellini (or Ravioli)

  • 2kg Mixed Vegetables

  • 1kg Salt & Pepper Squid

  • 6 Waffles

  • 6 Party Pie

Pack 3 - Chilled ($100 ea)

  • 30 Eggs

  • 1kg Bacon Rashers

  • 1kg Margarine

  • 1.5kg Sliced Tasty Cheese

  • 2kg Greek Yoghurt

  • 4x 1LT UHT Milk

  • 1kg Beef Mince

For more information, please call our office on (02) 9572 5888.



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